The Story

Beginning my studies in the arts at an early age, I always had a different way of expressing myself and how I perceived the world.

Dancing over walking, singing over talking, I played, performed and pursued my passions filling each moment in my day, with what I loved. 

I was captivated by the way a painting can speak so many languages and yet be indescribable, genuinely moved by the way music made my heart beat faster and I expressed myself most accurately through the language of dance.

Then, life.

Often, people tell you a story of their childhood as a comparison to how much they've changed. But my blood still pumps in technicolour and my mind wanders on the hour to the musings of my day dreams.

While I haven't changed, I have grown.

From my early explorations, I continued my studies in creative arts knowing I would be stoking this fire for the rest of my days. 

They say do what you love and you'll never feel like you've "worked" a day in your life. So, I do. 

Specializing in design, illustration and photographic solutions I handle projects that range from custom paintings/illustration, large scale banners, posters, postcards and drawings to complete corporate branding, digital ads and tee-shirts.

Each project is handled with professionalism, attention to detail and most importantly, for the love of it.

She, Drew Love.